About CDCoding

CDCoding was set up in 2007 to showcase work developed by Chris Day. At the beginning Chris mainly developed text-based games using the McCodes game engine. At the time, this was the most popular web-based game engine. Chris provided major security fixes to the core framework and developed several game modifications that were widely used.

Over the past 11 years, Chris has worked on many different projects ranging from simple business websites to large data analysis programs that handle billions of transactions. Whilst he developed other customer’s brands, there was little development of his own.

Project Requirements

  1. To re-brand the CDCoding image
  2. To re-design the website and make it easy to manage
  3. To ensure that the website works on desktop and mobile
  4. To design new business cards to match the new branding guidelines
  5. To set up a new server infrastructure to support future clients

The End Result

You are currently looking at the end result of our work. After several revisions, we are very happy with the final product. The new website uses WordPress with a custom-made theme. This is used to maintain and organise the website content, and allows for easy modifications.

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