Maintain Cleaning Services

About Maintain Cleaning Services

Maintain cleaning services is a family run business located in Biggleswade offering various cleaning services. After a year, they were dissatisfied with their current provider who provided poor customer service, limited the amount of content that could be placed on the website, did not provide a way to easily modify the website, and locked them into a year-long contract with high monthly costs.

Project Requirements

  1. To move over content from their existing website
  2. To have a more professional look and feel to the website.
  3. To be able to edit the website easily.
  4. To develop the site quickly as the old website was going offline within 10 days.

The End Result

You can find their new and improved website at You can access this website on mobile and desktop devices.

The website runs using a WordPress back-end with a custom-built theme making it very easy to add and modify the content. Maintain Cleaning Services needed the website built within 10 days – otherwise they would not have an online presence. We managed to build the website in just 3 days!

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